Master Mike Donovan

Master Mike Donovan was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He graduated from Girard College in 1963 and has also attended La Salle University and Robert Morris College. Master Donovan started Martial Arts in 1965 while a member of the U.S. Army, Special Forces. His initial martial arts training was in Combat Karate while in the Special Forces (Green Berets). He started Kenpo in 1968 and has practiced Martial Arts for over 40 years.

Master Donovan received his black belt in 1971. He started Arnis training with Grand Master Remy Presas in 1985 and added his advanced black belt ranking under Professor Presas. Master Donovan is a former National Director of the International Modern Arnis Federation for Canada.

Over the years, Master Donovan has received direct instruction from Grand Master Remy Presas, Grand Master Wally Jay, Grand Master Dennis Tosten, and Master Martin Kerns. He was a private student of former World Champion Grand Master Joe Lewis and has worked out and trained with numerous celebrities and personalities. In February of 2006, he was awarded his 8th Degree Black Belt by Grand Master Dennis Tosten. He also holds 7th degree black belt under Grand Master Joe Lewis. His competitive experience as a fighter and forms competitor dates back to 1968. Master Donovan organized and developed the Olympic Karate Canpo / Arnis system in 1990 and it is the base system for our school. Master Donovan started our Little Dragons program in 1986 and he was the first instructor to teach Cardio Kickboxing in London.

As an Instructor, Master Mike Donovan is without peer.


Sensei Tim McMillan

Sensei Tim McMillan is currently an elementary school teacher for Thames Valley DSB and has been for the past 18 years. He currently holds the rank of Fifth Degree Black Belt and has been training and teaching at Olympic Karate for the past 14 years. Tim has had the opportunity to train in seminars provided by Datu Tim Hartman, Associate Master Francisco Vigoroux, Systema instructors Vladimir Vasiliev, and Maxim Franz, Aikido Black Belt Kevin Love. He is also currently training with Sensei Jason Arnold. Apart from teaching at Olympic Karate, he also coaches elementary school soccer, cross-country running, volleyball, and wrestling as well as conducts a variety of music ensembles. As one of the key instructors for Black Belt Class, he continually strives to make the newer black belts at Olympic Karate some of the best the school has ever trained.


Sensei Stephen Donovan

Stephen Donovan was born and raised here in London, Ontario.  He has been training since 1986 at Olympic Karate.  After 11 years of hard work and dedication he received his black belt in 1997.  In 2012 he obtained the status of black belt 5th dan, master instructor.  He began his career as Head Instructor at Olympic Karate in Strathroy and returned to London upon its closure.  He made the transfer from student to teacher in 1993. Stephen has trained under Grand Master Remy Presas, Master Ed Parker Jr., Grand Master Dennis Toasten, Master Mike Donovan, Dr. Gi and Sifu Tim Hartman.  He is knowledgeable in the arts of Arnis, Kenpo, Judo, Small Circle Jujitsu, Bando, Systema, Kung Fu, Tai Chi, European Sword work, Brazilian Jujitsu and Aikido.  Stephen has also toured giving talks on the art of Karate.”


Sensei Kennedy McMillan

Sensei Kennedy McMillan is currently a student at Sir Frederick Banting Secondary School. She began training at Olympic Karate at age four and so far has been involved in Karate for the past 12 years. Through hard work and commitment Kennedy achieved her Third Degree Black Belt in May 2014. She has been a day camp and class instructor for Olympic Karate for the past five years. Kennedy feels that Karate has changed her by making her a more confident and out-going person. Apart from training and working at Olympic Karate, Kennedy has become an accomplished wrestler while still being able to maintain excellent grades at school.