Classes at Olympic Karate

ALL new students start with a free trial class. Whether you are 4 or over 40, a dojo can seem like an intimidating place. Regardless of your age, gender, skill level, and experience, you are always welcome at Olympic Karate. We offer multiple classes for different age groups and skill levels, and everyone starts with a FREE TRAIL CLASS. Please feel free to call or book online at your convenience.


Little Dragons

Little Dragons is our special program developed to cater to the special learning needs of 4-6 year olds, in addition to learning the basics of Karate, students also learn classroom etiquette and essential behavior skills that are transferable to their daily elementary school classes.

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Karate – (Black Dragons)

Our core Martial Arts program. Classes emphasize traditional Martial Arts philosophy, incremental Martial Art skills with belt progression, fighting drills, free fighting (sparring), groundwork, weapons, and weapon defense. We also offer a high intensity Adult Class for teens and adults.

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Cardio Kickboxing

Come try our full body Cardio Kick
Boxing class. With the use of a water based bags we teach a combination of punches and kicks, giving you a true cardio workout.

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